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Project Profile

Project Profile specialises in communications strategy, implementation and evaluation: utilising digital, face to face, DVD/video, internet and print channels to create messages and interactive dialogue throughout internal, external and corporate governance communications

Internal, External & Corporate Governance Communications

Project Profile creates answers and implements solutions to resolve your communications challenges.

Our core competence is the planning and delivery of communications strategy: internal, external and corporate governance across a range of channels and media to a tightly targeted or conversely, wide With a team of experts used to operating at boardroom through to shop-floor levels, Project Profile provides reliable, efficient, effective and memorable information for local or international operations at affordable costs.

Aligning messages, creating credibility

Believable communications are the result of 100% commitment, across and throughout all aspects of an organisation.

Project Profile analyses and designs messages then evaluates the results to ensure that stakeholders gain benefit from their content and act upon their objectives.

With over 25 years of project delivery for a variety of clients’ market sectors, Project Profile’s management have the knowledge and experience to integrate visions and tactical information into well managed communications strategies.

Local solutions, International experience

The messages Project Profile create are for people: individuals - which ever part of the world they originate from, live in or work, whatever their beliefs, background or language.

Cross cultural communications, using suitable words and imagery, sensitively created, enhance the messages and aid the reception (and acceptance) of organisation’s information... whatever the content.

Project Profile has operated on all five continents, creating marketing communications in over a dozen dialects - live and in printed form - to the highest linguistic standards or using appropriate local vernaculars.

Understandable, Motivational & Relevant....

Communications requirements are ongoing and multi-faceted - messages cannot be created and transmitted in isolation.

Using proven “business model” theory and practical listening/observation/interaction, Project Profile assesses needs and then delivers communications solutions about interconnected aspects within organisations... and the stakeholder environments in which they operate.

A key example being “Shared Values” (within a McKinsey 7S) – culture: integral to the success of organisational communications, whether the initial subject matter is briefed to focus on other subject matter such as staff, systems, strategy etc.

what's Needed, what's Wanted and by When?

“There are known knowns; there are things we know we know. We also know there are known unknowns; that is to say we know there are some things we do not know. But there are also unknown unknowns – the ones we don't know we don't know”. (Donald Rumsfeld)


“You can please some of the people all of the time, you can please all of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time”. (Abraham Lincoln)

The dynamic balance of target audiences’ information requirements is ongoing. Through expert mapping, Project Profile can cost and schedule strategic programmes around which reactive and sporadic requirements can be resolved.

Through this process, risks are mitigated, overall objectives retained and achieved - within agreed timescales and budgets.

Corporate Governance Communications

Encompassing subject areas obligatory and critical to corporate planning, Project Profile works with commissioning clients whose roles within organisations encompass a number of management functions:

  • Company Secretary

  • Training & Development

  • Health & Safety

  • Risk Mitigation

  • Diversity & Equality

  • Chairman’s Office

  • Sustainability & Environmental Protection

  • Community

Through experience with clients in minerals-extracted West Africa, with the 4th largest employer in the world (based UK) and with America’s continually scrutinised heavy industry manufacturing, Project Profile has built an experience and understanding of CR / CSR challenges which makes its team unique within communications industry.

In combination with this experience, Project Profile has the proven capability of discovering, nurturing and promoting previously unrecognised examples of “best practice” within organisations in order to enhance reputation, motivation and shareholder value.

Internal Communications

Whether staff are with public or privately owned organisations, in small or mass groups, ensuring the culture and ethos of an organisation is understood and built upon is essential, even more so in times of tough trading or indeed, high demand.

Gone may be the days of high spending, internal communications management now requires smart solutions, quantified results and encompassing ongoing continuous improvement.

Project Profile applies creative, award winning solutions developed for particular situations to “raise the game” of employees and management whilst evaluating the effects and evolving new ways of achieving increased stakeholder engagement during times of change.

Never undertaken in isolation from the interconnection with external and corporate governance, innovative internal communications is created for and disseminated by using channels as diverse as face-to-face (events & exhibitions), internet, print, social media and video generate short and long term corporate advantage.

Through building close business relationships and integrating with clients’ corporate values Project Profile has been fortunate to work with a number of organisations for periods of more than a decade – through mergers, acquisitions, direction changes and for some, the occasional radical new image / reinvention.

External Communications

The role of Project Profile within organisational external communications is driven by its expertise and experience in aspects such as press and other live events, trade and public exhibitions, video/dvd and internet, primarily within business to business communications – not “above the line” promotion or customer-based, direct marketing.

The content and process of external communications creates an immediate impact on the planning and implementation (and evaluation) of the internal and corporate governance communications within any organisation thus for stakeholder engagement to and communications dialogue to be at its most effective, Project Profile works in the closest of cooperation with clients’ Public Relations & Advertising agencies.

Among Project Profile’s notable successes within the area of external communications undertaken for clients have been ministerial press launches, (client for awarded) best stand at UK’s largest, longest running public exhibition, annual general meetings including VIP teleconference appearances and 3rd sector public fundraising.

Clients: Clusters & Contrasts - first 25 years

  • Financial Services & Consultancy

  • Mineral Resources & Extractive Industries

  • Heavy Engineering

  • Manufacturing & Construction

  • Defence & Technology

  • Healthcare & Life Sciences

  • 3rd Sector & NGOs

  • Government Departments & Regulatory Authorities

Through significant understanding of particular sectors’ market conditions and experience of unrelated, contrasting sectors, communications programmes and one-off solutions are created by Project Profile’s team which motivate, entertain, inform and create change for specific purposes.

Now & Soon: news and updates

Managing Director: Matthew Green is updating and revising a research paper on Buying Patterns & Business Behaviour in GCC following the political changes and upheavals in the Middle East. Initially drafted in late 2009/early 2010, his European & US clients in pharmaceutical and healthcare, infrastructure construction, hospitality and defence technology are reviewing their commitments and relationships both on a political and economic level.

He is interested in commercial views and experience about the current marketing approaches taken and the changes (if any) in the procurement and purchasing attitudes and behaviour within the Gulf States and associated regions

His initial analyses and current updates are based on industrial and manufacturing interviews with sales, marketing, R&D and project management professionals employed by (primarily) western-based multinational organisations involved with ongoing and planned projects in the public and private sectors.

On ongoing project, a summary of its findings are available to Project Profile clients who are already or considering operating within the Middle East.